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Minggu, 20 Januari 2013

Master of Defense+Crack

Features at a Glance:
- 6 wonderfully-crafted locations to explore;
- The Survival mode;
- 180 raids of evil monsters;
- 4 different towers, fire and balloon;
- 3 Magic types;
- Towers build and other skills upgrades;
- Online highscores table.

Master Of Defense is a wonderful strategy game that lets you assume the role of a brave hero, who has been chosen to save the ancient kingdom from the hordes of monsters. The challenge of the game is to ward off relentless attacks of monsters and prevent them from capturing people in your castle.
You do this by building towers on the way of the hordes and casting spells. Defeating monsters yields rewards.
You get rewarded for every killed
monster and gain a bonus at the end of each attack. To improve your winning chances, you must invest into building new towers and upgrading the old
ones in order to increase their
firepower, fire speed and range.
For all its seeming simplicity, Master Of Defense is fun to play and doesn’t
grow stale in a short while. You will discover 5 diversely-themed locations
and a wide array of monster types. Creatures range from big-headed thingies
to mutated animals to flying insect-like monsters.
Wave after wave they become stronger, faster and take more efforts to stop.
Master Of Defense pleases the eye with wonderfully-crafted visuals, level design and animation effects, which are peppered throughout the game. All this adds to the game's replayability and keeps the game fresh and interesting without making it tedious and frustrating.Master Of Defense allows you to save your game at any time and return to it later. The full version of the game features over 100 raids of monsters, the new Survival mode, and the online high scores table.

Screenshot :

Download : Disini
Password : ajf

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