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Minggu, 20 Januari 2013

Bad Piggies 1.1.0+crack idws


  • 15 new levels with 30 more coming soon. Like its predecessors, the first chapter of Flight in the Night includes 12 “normal” levels and 3 “bonus” levels. Remember that you do not need to perform all three required objectives in a single run in order to obtain 3-stars on a given level. Flight in the Night walkthroughs are live if you need help.
  • More skulls!. Three new skulls are scattered across the 15 levels in this update. If you need help finding them, our Complete Hidden Skulls Guide has been updated!
  • One New Sandbox level with another coming soon. These are very different, requiring you to collect 20 star boxes scattered across the massive level, using as many contraptions and tries as you need. We will be updating our Complete Sandbox Guide soon as well.
  • Field of Dreams Sandbox, which we have a bunch more details on below.
  • New objective that requires you to get the egg and pig across the finish line. 
Size: 33.06 MB
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